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Mortal Kombat: Deception Cube port confirmed

In news that makes a change from the usual "X has cancelled Y for GameCube," Midway Games has confirmed that it plans to release Mortal Kombat: Deception on GameCube as well as PS2 and Xbox, having previously denied that a Nintendo port was in development. The GameCube version of the latest in the beat-'em-up series will take a bit longer to produce, according to Midway, and will lack the online play that features in its PS2 and Xbox brethren, but it will play host to a pair of exclusive features when it launches in early 2005.

There's no word on what those features are, rather unhelpfully, but judging by Midway's willingness to chat about the Cube port, we're guessing it won't just be paying lip service to the Nintendo rabble. Said marketing man Steve Allison: "Midway has a lot of GameCube fans," and "the decision to hold or delay Deception from the GameCube platform was really driven from a need to turn the team's focus towards getting online gameplay solved on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox."

News source: Eurogamer.net

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