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Potential DS Names Trademarked

Nintendo's been rather busy down at the patent office. Find out what they've been up to inside...

FYI...It's been reported that Nintendo submitted nine (yes, nine) different trademark applications concerning the name of their upcoming handheld know currently as the Nintendo DS. The nine submissions all consist of three letters with each one possessing the letters G and B, which of course would stand for "Game" and "Boy". The other character varies throughout the submissions in both location and letter, leaving wide open the possible name for Nintendo's latest device. The initialisms, which all went in to the Japanese patent and trademark database on March 19, are listed below:

  • DGB

  • EGB

  • GBD

  • GBE

  • GBN

  • GBY

  • TGB

  • WGB

  • XGB
News source: GameDAILY
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