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Proton launches its password manager Proton Pass, now available for download

Proton Pass Password Manager

The Swiss technology company Proton AG has launched its password manager called Proton Pass globally. The open-source password manager was announced earlier this year and it was available as a beta version to the users of Proton Lifetime, Visionary, and Family plans.

Proton says its password manager stores all the user credentials in an end-to-end encrypted digital vault and comes with a built-in password generator that can automatically suggest new passwords when creating accounts online. It provides single-click functionality on websites to autofill credentials and 2FA codes generated by its built-in authenticator.

Users can store sensitive information such as addresses, passport numbers, and credit card details as notes, which are also end-to-end encrypted. Similar to iCloud+, Proton Pass allows users to hide their real email addresses from online services by creating hide-my-email aliases.

It can generate random email addresses that prevent websites from identifying users and filters out trackers and marketing tools before forwarding emails to the inbox. Proton notes in its blog post that a website using an email alias might get hacked and the user starts receiving phishing emails on their real email address. In that case, they can stop such emails simply by disabling the affected alias.

Proton Pass Password Manager

Proton Pass is available as a free app for Android, iPhone, and iPad, and users can install its browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other browsers. The password manager also has a paid tier that brings more features onto the table.

The free version of Proton Pass offers support for unlimited devices, unlimited logins, and up to 10 hide-my-email aliases. Its paid version called Pass Plus comes with unlimited hide-my-email aliases, a built-in 2FA authenticator, and multiple vaults to organize items. In the future, Pass Plus will get the ability to autofill credit card details.

Proton Pass Plus will cost users $3.99/mo with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, Proton is running a promotional offer where the annual subscription of Pass Plus is available at $1/mo until the end of July.

"This is a forever discount, so if you get the promotion, you’ll keep this price forever, even after Proton Pass Plus returns to its regular price of $3.99/month," Proton said. The premium features of Proton Pass will be bundled for free if you are already a subscriber of its Unlimited, Business, or Family plans.

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