QuakeCon 2011 registration starts later tonight

The biggest free PC game LAN event in the US continues to be QuakeCon. Held nearly every year in the Dallas, Texas area since 1996 by first person shooter developer id Software, the 2011 edition will start its registration process later tonight at 8 pm Eastern time at the official QuakeCon web site. The event itself, which will also have panels, pro gaming tournaments, exhibits and lots more, will be held on August 4-7 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel near downtown Dallas.

QuakeCon has always been free to attend but in 2010 id Software's new owners Bethesda Softworks launch an paid option for atteedees to get premium seating in the BYOC area as well as some extras. While QuakeCon 2011 will still be free to attend, Bethesda Softworks has announced even more optional premium tickets. People who choose the $20 option will get to select and reserve their BYOC seating along with a QuakeCon 2011 t-shirt and a Rage mouse pad. People who choose the $35 Swag Pack will get a QuakeCon 2011 t-shirt, a Rage t-shirt, an Elder Scrolls V Skyrim lithograph signed by the game's development team and a pair of Rage, Skyrim and Prey 2 zipper-pulls.

The premiere premium package is the $50 QuakeCon Done Quick package. Only 200 of these packages will be sold. With this package you not only get to select and reserve your BYOC spot but you also get a "fast pass" through QuakeCon registration as well as all of QuakeCon's panels and public events. You also get a limited edition QuakeCon 2011 zipper-pull and a Rage mouse pad signed by id Software designer Tim Willits.

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