Remember the N9? It's not dead; Huge update coming soon

Sure, there might not be many Nokia N9 owners around, but own one, so the news that Nokia is bringing their 1.2 update with thousands of fixes to devices soon is good news. We found screenshots of some of the new features in action over on Nokia Support which are relatively recent.

First up, Facebook notifications are no longer just lumped in together, you can see how many friend requests, messages or updates you have right on the homescreen, and a new notification icon is shown in the tray.


Deep DropBox support is now available, which is huge! Good work Nokia!

Copy and paste is now OS-wide, and can be used on any editable (or non-editable) text field, just like the other big OS'!


Excitingly, the phone is now entirely DLNA compliant, and content can be streamed to the device from others and from the device to others. Neat!

The mail client's had an overhaul, and can now interact with the Global Address Book in Exchange (and Gmail), offers email threading and can automatically add Picasa / YouTube to your device when adding an account.


The camera now has facial detection, offers the "grid mode" (used for the rule of two thirds, by the way), custom metadata tags such as "photo creator" and more.


Additionally, there's folder support, updated availability controls, feed refresh rate controls, nicknames for contacts, color profiles (not sure about this one yet), better data roaming, browser password management, history improvements, swype tweaks and more. We could list them all day.

For such a "dead" device, the N9 is doing pretty well. We aren't sure what Nokias angle is here, considering their push with Windows Phone globally.

We've heard from some great sources that PR1.2 is scheduled for release by the end of February, so you'll have to sit on your hands for just a little longer.

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