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'Rent-a-Zombie' Ringleader Pleads Guilty

A man who leased networks of infected computers to criminals to carry out denial of service and spam attacks has pleaded guilty and could receive six years in jail.

Twenty-year old Jeanson James Ancheta of California faces felony charges after making $61,000 from renting the infected machines and infecting US military computer systems. After his sentencing on May 1st he stands to lose his BMW and more than $58,000 in addition to jail time.

"Not only is it reassuring to see the US government prosecuting this
20-year-old where he actively targeted thousands of computer systems
and infected them with malicious software for his own financial gain
but it also shows the seriousness of this crime spree," said James Rendell, senior technology specialist at Internet Security Systems.

News source: Silicon.com

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