Revenge website shut down by anti-bullying site has been described by many as a "revenge porn" web site. Launched a year ago, the site allowed people to post sometimes very compromising photos of their ex-lovers for anyone on the Internet to see. Now, ABC News reports that the owner of the site has sold the domain name to an anti-bullying website called

Hunter Moore, the creator of, bragged before this week that he was a "professional life ruin-er" by launching the site. He also claimed that the site generated 5 million hits a month and advertising revenues of between $20,000 to $30,000 a month.

However, James McGibney, the founder of, said he wanted to try to shut down because of reports that some people who had their pictures uploaded by others had later committed suicide. McGibney said he talked to Moore and later convinced Moore to sell the domain name to McGibney for an undisclosed amount.

The site itself has now been shut down and the domain name URL now redirects to, which was just set up last week to help others deal with real bullies. Moore now says, "People didn't see me as a human being before but I got to a position now where I can actually help people without the site."

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