Review: PowerColor X800 GT EVO Liquid Cooled

I just got this in my email, the first ever 'out of the box' liquid cooled card review.

Today we are looking at something special from PowerColor. Something overclockers will drool at. What if I told you we have a card equipped with its own liquid cooling system? That's right, it's the first card ever to be coupled with Thermaltake's TideWater system. No other AIB used this type of solution before. The card I'm referring to is PowerColor X800 GT EVO based on R480. Let me tell you, it rocks like crazy in our system! Don't mistake it with Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, although I have to say video chipzillas and vendors are using more and more fancy names to attract customers.

View: PowerColor X800 GT EVO Liquid Cooled @ Bjorn 3D

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