RIAA Hacked Yet Again

Thanks to all those who sent this in.

THe RIAA's website has been of recent times a focus point for "hacker agression", and once again has been hacked. It currently displays the message "No web site is configured at this address.", but Shah Web tells us this was up on the site earlier.

""RIAA - 0wn3d by.... ;p

oooh riaa want's to hack Filesharing Users / Servers ? - better lern to secure your own server...

Sorry Admin - had to deactivate ur accounts - they'll be reactivated after 2 hours."

Well - it just goes to show really. Once or twice is bad luck - more than that is in-competance :D

View: 3 Guesses as to what webserver their running :)

View: RIAA.org

Update: Thanks to the member whom has put up this mirror - wired57.

View: Mirror

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