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Rose Online Art Help

ROSE Online, the North American service has announced that it needs help!

For future reference, ROSE stands for Rush on Seven Episodes and NA means North America. ROSE NA is holding a special event on the forums and will give out great prizes. ROSE's GM team has posted this on their forums:

I was speaking with Calanor and during our discussion the topic of why
he doesn't have an avatar or a signature came up. He told me that he'd
love to have one, but doesn't have the time (I say he doesn't have the creative talent *mwuah*) to make one worthy to grace the forums.

So, it gave the idea of holding a small event for the forum community!
Here is your challenge and test. Calanor needs an Avatar and Signature,
so for you the game is coming up with an avatar and signature image for
Calanor to use and in his thanks through myself, will give some in-game
items as a prize for the winner!

The in-game items include the following:

- Scream Mask

- Jason Mask

- The complete Santa Outfit

- Fireworks and Snowballs

- A zulie prize

And the special item that will only be available through this event is the special party dress seen here.

ROSE Online looks forward to your submissions!

News source: ROSE Online - North America

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