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ROSE Online North America continues to grow

After a rocky release due to hackers and errors, ROSE is finally making some excellent progress. Rush on Seven Episodes' North American website released this notice:

ROSE NA said:

We have seen dramatic growth in the ROSE NA
community and are looking at many more positive things in the future
months for the ROSE NA community. Our player base now consists of users
from all contients making ROSE NA a true international community of
gamers. With this unprecedented growth we want to affirm our commitment
to delivering the fast, fun, and stable ROSE experience.

With the recent events that have happened within the ROSE
international communities, we, Gravity Interactive, would like to
ensure that ROSE NA is not in jeopardy and we are looking forward to
continued growth with ROSE NA.

We have many exciting events and game updates planned for ROSE NA
in the near future. We hope that you continue your adventures with us
and enjoy all the new changes that wait for all of you.

View: ROSE NA's Official Website

Video: ROSE Videos

News source: ROSE NA

Dice says: I personally played this game when it went through its rocky stages, and it was a real pain to all players because of the constant account wipes and hacking. However from user reviews, friend reviews and my own personal trial, ROSE appears to be more secure and entertaining. I wish the best to ROSE developers that they can continue their progress. What does everyone else think? Do you think ROSE can ever become a major MMORPG like EVE, Ragnarok or World of Warcraft?

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