Rumor: More plans to further monetize Xbox Live?

Microsoft's Xbox Live user base now has tens of millions of users. While anyone with an Xbox 360 or Windows Phone device can sign on to Xbox Live for free, it's the Xbox Live Gold service, which cost $59.99 a year, that Microsoft really wants people to use so they can play multiplayer games, access premium video content and more.

Now it looks like Microsoft is getting ready to try to grab some more money from the Xbox Live subscriber base. A LinkedIn profile (via supererogatory) for Microsoft team member Praveen Rutnam states that part of his job as a Group Product Planner is to create a " ... strategy to further monetize Xbox LIVE subscriber base that will be implemented for holiday 2012."

Details about those plans have yet to be revealed. However, it has been confirmed that Xbox Live will be a part of Microsoft's launch of Windows 8 later this fall. In addition, there are rumors that Microsoft could ditch its current Microsoft Points system, which lets people download full games, DLC, and video from Xbox Live, by the end of the year.

Microsoft has also confirmed it is looking to expand Xbox Live "to other platforms" which could in theory lead to Xbox Live showing up for iOS, Android or even Mac platforms.

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