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Rumor: Next Elder Scrolls game to be an MMO title

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a good game. Garnering massive praise from the gaming media, it has proven to be another winner for Bethesda's development team, but there is a very small number of users who feel it would add more to have a multiplayer experience to the game in addition. While this may never officially come to Skyrim, the rumor mill has been fired up, with claims of a new game being announced in May of this year.

Citing anonymous sources within the industry, Tom's Guide claims the next game in the popular RPG franchise will be entitled The Elder Scrolls: Online. While little has been shared about the game or the time-scale it is set in, it will apparently take place before the end of the Second Era. For reference, every other Elder Scrolls title has been set in the Third or Fourth Era, so we could see a radically different game environment.

The source claims the game will have three factions for players to align themselves with. Each faction will have a different logo: a lion, a snake, and a bird of prey. It has been a belief for some time that ZeniMax have been looking for employees to aid in development of an MMO for some time, due to job openings on their website, though it was always assumed to be the fabled Fallout MMO.

The game's setting in the lore of the universe could be something to note. Hardcore fans of the series will know the Fourth Era is actually the fifth era, for the first era was known as the Dawn Era, where time itself was created. The Second Era has not been explored yet, but it was the era in which the Septim family became leaders of Tamriel. Keeping with the three factions available, their logos would suggest warriors (lions), stealth-based roles (snakes), and archers (bird of prey), though any of the information should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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