Rumor: Nintendo 3DS launch details coming soon?

When Nintendo announced their new portable glasses-less 3D system (3DS) at E3, it was expected that they might at least hint at a price or release date. That didn’t end up panning out. However, we may soon be getting that information. N4G via Connected Consoles claims that Nintendo UK Marketing Manager James Honeywell is hinting at a sub-£200 ($312 USD) price for 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo’s successor to the DS line of consoles. It will have a slider for the 3D functionality so that the user can adjust the depth of the 3D (or turn it off completely). The top screen on the system will have a 16:9 format resolution while the bottom screen will be 4:6 standard format. Further details on the system can be found here.

Additionally, Connected Consoles via Bloomberg Japan is claiming that the full release details are set to be unveiled on September 29. That would place the announcement right around the timeframe of TGS (Tokyo Game Show), and it would place it right after the release of the Sony PlayStation Move. If this announcement does indeed take place on September 29, it could potentially steal some of Sony’s momentum going into the holiday season.

Nintendo 3DS is widely expected to launch sometime in early 2011. However, that doesn’t necessarily rule out a surprise holiday 2010 launch. When VG247 contacted Nintendo for comments, they stated “No – we’ve not announced anything to Bloomberg or anyone else. It’s just speculation. It might be a case of Chinese whispers, as we have confirmed to Bloomberg there will be an event on the September 29 in Japan where we intend to discuss launch timings, price and shipment details.”

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