Rumor: Windows Phone 8 to feature global search

As the Windows Phone Developer Summit approaches really soon, we have a Windows Phone 8 rumor that reveals just one of the features that may be coming to the platform. According to the folks at Insideris, who have obtained reliable leaks in the past, Windows Phone 8 will feature a global search option that can be activated right from the start screen.

Mock-up of where the global search button would be

According to them, underneath the arrow that shows all your apps there will be a search icon that brings up the global search feature. When you type in this screen, Windows Phone 8 will apparently search your entire phone for relevant results, including "contacts, apps, games and more", meaning that it will become much easier to perform simple tasks such as looking up a contact or finding a specific application.

Of course both Android and iOS have included a similar feature for quite some time, as does Windows 8 (as Insideris pointed out), but this will be a first in the realm of Windows Phone and should be one of many new features demonstrated in Windows Phone 8. Be on the lookout for more information on WP8 as the Developer Summit approaches.

Source: Insideris | Thanks to FoxieFoxie for the tip!

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