Samsung attacks Microsoft Surface in new ad by calling it a laptop

Remember when Microsoft released a number of TV commercials in 2013 that showed the advantages of its Surface tablets compared to Apple's iPad? Those ads were accurate for the most part but now Samsung seems to be trying to do the same thing with a new commercial for its Galaxy Pro family of tablets.

The clip, posted on Samsung's YouTube channel, goes after all of the major tablets on the market. It's set in a high end hotel where its many guests are also using Apple's iPad, Amazon's Kindle Fire and Microsoft's Surface. Samsung slams the iPad for not being able to run two apps at once (something the Surface can do) and not having as many pixels in its display compared to the Galaxy Pro. It also goes after the Kindle Fire for not having as many apps in its library.

Samsung shows a fictional battery dock for the Surface in its new Galaxy Pro TV ad.

It's where the commercial goes after the Surface that Samsung slips up, badly. The ad seems to suggest the Surface can only be used with its optional keyboard attachment, a battery dock and a mouse when it fact it can be used quite well as a stand alone tablet. Worse of all, the Surface "battery dock" shown in the commercial is completely fictional; there is no such official accessory for the tablet. Microsoft just released the Surface Power Cover, which combines an extra battery with a keyboard cover, something which Samsung failed to mention in its ad. There is an official dock for the Surface that offers up some extra ports but it is not used as an extra battery for the tablet.

In short, the new Galaxy Pro commercial swings and misses when it goes after the Surface. The fact that it has to make up accessories to try to prove its point feels like desperation on Samsung's part.

Source: Samsung on YouTube

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