Samsung slams Apple's iPhone again, user cries, "We just got Samsunged!"

Can't we all just get along? Apple and Samsung are at it again and while the two companies slug it out in the courtroom, Samsung is trying to win in the court of public opinion. Their latest volley is an advertisement for Galaxy S II phone that subtly attacks some of the issues that iPhone users have been experiencing.

The scene opens up with a group of people camping out overnight for the new iPhone. After watching the first posted unboxing video of the new phone, someone says, "Aww, that looks like last year's phone!" Then someone carrying the new Samsung Galaxy S II comes by, tosses an iPhone charger to one of the people in line (a subtle jab at the battery life issues), just as the phone tells him that he has arrived at his destination. This prompts the people in line, hiding behind a barrier that is made to look like a jail, ask, "How much did you pay for that app?" The response of, "the Galaxy S II just has it," causes one of the iPhone fans to cry out, "Awww, we just got Samsunged!" The ad concludes with the familiar tagline: The Next Big Thing Is Already Here.

What is interesting about the ad is the fact that the new phone has barely any screen time. It's being used briefly on the sidewalk, but is not highlighted very well. On the other hand, most phones are very similar nowadays so showing the product in use may not be a great differentiator anyway.

How effective are these advertisements for Samsung? While everyone is trying to make fun of Apple and their so-called "cult" of users, the company doesn't seem to be losing any steam. Regardless of the outcome, we can all sit back and enjoy the jabs being tossed.

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