Samsung's browser leaves beta, includes tracking blocker and night mode

Over the years, Samsung has become more aggressive when it comes to Google's Android platform, rolling out versions of its own apps that are meant to be replacements for some of the more common apps found on the platform by default. While some of these are blatant overlaps with no real difference, the firm has been doing a good job building its own browser, that initially saw release in 2012.

While the initial debut wasn't something to get too excited about, it has evolved over time, offering an array of features like support for extensions, making it an interesting option. Although it was exclusive to Samsung handsets for quite some time, the firm finally decided to make it available to more people this summer when it expanded to Android handsets with version 5.0 or higher. Today, it has been announced that the software is leaving beta with version 6.2, bringing a wealth of new features like Night Mode and Tracking Blockers.

If you'd like to give Samsung's Internet Browser a try, be sure to head to the Google Play Store. Also if you want more details about the browser, be sure to head to the source links below.

Source: Samsung, Samsung (Medium) via The Verge

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