Scotland incoming to Civilization VI: Rise and Fall with golf courses

After taking a short break from the weekly civilization reveals to detail all the new features incoming with the Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion, Firaxis has returned this week to reveal another one of the new powers that are also featured in the expansion. Getting the spotlight this week is Scotland, which arrives with Robert the Bruce as its leader.

Bannockburn is Robert's leader ability, where Scotland can declare a War of Liberation if it has the Defensive Tactics Civic unlocked. During the first ten turns of the war, Scotland is granted a 100% production bonus as well as two extra movement points for all its units. While versatile, as a War of Liberation can only be declared against an opponent who has captured a city of a friendly civilization, the ability shouldn't be overpowered.

The bonuses that arrive with Scotland's national ability, Scottish Enlightenment, tie in with the happiness levels of cities. In addition to receiving extra science and production from happy cities, all campuses and industrial zones contribute extra points to great scientist and great engineer generation pools respectively. These bonuses are further increased if the city is ecstatic.

Replacing the ranger and entering as the new civilization's unique unit is the Highlander. This recon unit gains a combat bonus when fighting in hilly and forest terrains.

Leaving the best for last, the Golf Course is Scotland's unique improvement, providing an amenity and gold when built. In addition, when built next to city centers, Golf Courses also provide culture, the same is true if it is built adjacent to an Entertainment District. And that's not all, as these tiles will yield tourism and housing bonuses later in the game as well.

Golf Courses should help in keeping Scottish cities' happiness levels high, enabling the bonuses from Scottish Enlightenment to kick in.

Civilization: Rise and Fall is only a couple of weeks away from launch, which means we won't have to wait much longer to find out what other civilizations and leaders Firaxis has up its sleeve. The expansion is slated to land on February 8 for $29.99 on Steam, and is available for pre-order on its store page.

Source: Civilization

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