Sea of Thieves Crews of Rage update brings look changing potions and a new cursed chest

It is time once again for a monthly Sea of Thieves content update, and today Rare has brought along Crews of Rage. Alongside a new cursed chest, voyages, and more, this update delivers one of the most requested features to the game, that being the ability to change pirate base appearance.

Anyone who doesn't appreciate the appearance they rolled for their pirate when playing Sea of Thieves for the first time can now buy the Pirate Appearance Potion from the Emporium. Costing 149 Ancient Coins, this will let players change the face and body of their pirates while keeping all of the progression intact.

Meanwhile, the new cursed treasure is the Chest of Rage. This variant will slowly build up a heat charge and release a shockwave which sets fire to anything nearby, may it be a ship, player, or skeleton. The only way to calm it down is to dunk it underwater or pour some water on it using a bucket.

The new voyages that land with the update are set around this new chest as well, tasking players with sailing to the Devil's Roar to find and use them as weapons against skeletons, all before delivering them. Interestingly, the Molten Sands Fortress will be the only active fort during this update's entire run, letting crews fight fire immune Ashen Skeletons - or each other - to grab some valuable loot.

Other changes in this update include more sword combat improvements, mermaids that appear quicker and closer, even more Ashen Tomes to collect - the final set this time -, accessibility improvements and more. See the Sea of Thieves Crews of Rage landing page over here, while the full 2.0.12 update's changelog is here.

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