Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails update goes live as skeleton ships rise from the depths

A couple of months after Megaladons invaded Sea of Thieves, another major content update has arrived to the sandbox pirate adventure title. Today's Cursed Sails free content update brings up the game's version number up to 1.2.0, and introduces a selection of new features to the game.

Cursed Sails' main attractions are the fortress-like skeleton ships that are surfacing around the world. These NPC ships even come equipped with cursed cannon balls that add some interesting effects to ships that are hit by them.

There is also a quest-line to find out what is the cause of this new threat. Although exact details regarding this venture are left for players to uncover, talking to a Bilge Rat in a tavern may be the best way to get some clues.

Moving along, another big addition is the Brigantine, a brand new three-person vessel to conquer the seas with. This new ship sits squarely between the Galleon and the Sloop when it comes to firepower, turning rate, speed and other ship related stats, coming with two masts and two cannons per side.

Alliances are another new arrival, where multiple vessels can now join together to form fleets to tackle any undesirable things they come across. Ships that are a part of an alliance show up on each other's maps and any loot that is turned in is split amongst the crews.

Those looking to spruce up the look of their pirate and ship will be pleased to know that a whole selection of new cosmetic items has been delivered with the update as well. Some are exclusively gained by completing the new questline, but the rest can be purchased outright from storekeepers, who are currently and conveniently having discounts on their wares.

Keep in mind that while the questline and its exclusive cosmetic rewards will go away after the event comes to a close in three weeks time, other content will remain a part of the game. This includes the rogue vessels, cursed cannon balls, the brigantine, alliances, and the rest.

Other additions of the update include sniper equipped skeletons, new commendations to hunt, hairstyles and dyes, as well as doubloons to earn. The full changelog can be read here.

However, there is some bad news, as a pretty notable issue had popped up while the update was in testing, and Rare has since decided to disable both Skeleton Forts and the Kraken for the time being. The developer has said that it is "working to enable these features as quickly as possible."

Here is the lone fixed issue and the rest of the known issues in this update:

Fixed Issues

  • The Chest of Sorrows now fills up ships with water as intended.

Known Issues

  • Some players travel in an unintended direction when fired from a cannon.

We have a fix for this issue currently in testing and are looking to get this rolled out in an update very soon.

  • Some players may continue to hear muffled sound after being fired from a cannon.

We have a fix for this issue coming in our next update. As a temporary solution, being fired out of a cannon again clears the muffled sound.

  • Some Skeleton Thrones Titles were not correctly awarded to players who completed the required Commendations.

We have rolled out a fix for this issue and awarded these missing titles to affected players.

  • Players speaking to a Gold Hoarder NPC at an Outpost may incorrectly receive "The Hungering Deep Begins" banners.

We have a fix for this and it will be issued in next week's build.

The 1.2.0 Cursed Sails update is now out and available to everyone, weighing in at 1.42GB on the Xbox One and 1.01GB on Windows 10.

Beyond that, the next major update that is slated for Sea of Thieves is Forsaken Shores. According to Rare, that content update will bring along the highly-requested rowboats and a new volcanic region to explore.

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