Sea of Thieves Fort of the Damned update delivers Halloween thrills and banjos

Game updates that land in October generally falls on the spooky side, and Sea of Thieves is no exception. Rare has delivered the 2.0.8 update to the pirate adventure game today, and it's all about bringing some spooky voyages to the seas, along with a new musical instrument and a new arena mode.

There's now a brand new fort to tackle that is best handled with the help of multiple crews, as a new type of Shadow Skeletons has entered the world to protect it. These new multi-colored Shadow of Fate Skeletons only become vulnerable after being exposed to lantern light that matches their own color. Gaining these lantern colors requires dying to various causes and gathering the colored flames from the Ferry of the Damned.

Completing this challenging fort - which involves a few more steps than just fighting - will reward players with loot as well as cosmetic items ranging from ghostly face paint to the Ferryman's coveted lantern itself.

After much teasing, banjos are also finally here, arriving as the newest musical instruments all pirates can play during adventures. Other additions include duo sloops match type in Arena, more female pirate garments for sale in in-game shops, emergent skeleton captain encounters on islands, resolution scaling for PC, and fresh achievements for this event.

Killer Instinct set

Some fun little extras among other features include an increased chance of being hit by lightning when pirates are holding swords in a storm (useful for this event), and the new "Smile, You Son Of A…" achievement for taking out a shark by detonating a gunpowder barrel. Moreover, the Pirate Emporium premium shop has received a new shipment of premium cosmetics, including skeleton pets, a Killer Instinct ship cosmetics set, and more emotes.

The Sea of Thieves servers are now online with the Fort of the Damned event active, inviting all Xbox One and Windows 10 players to jump in. See the rather large release notes of this update over on the Sea of Thieves website, where the fixed and known issues can also be discovered.

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