Second BundleStars pack appears, 10 games for $7

There's nothing quite like getting a bargain, but what about ten bargains? It's possible, and the second BundleStars bundle might be right up your alley. You might remember our post about the first bundle, which included Death to Spies: Moment of Truth.

This time the bundle contains the following eight games:

There are two more games within the bundle that'll be unlocked at a later date, though as of yet, we don't know what they are. As was the case with the first pack, everything can be downloaded on Steam.

"But how can I justify buying more games?" you might be asking. Well, it's for charity, which should make your decision easier. Some of the money raised will go towards the Special Effect charity, as it also did with the first bundle. There's a good reason for buying these games, and there you have it.

Unlike the first bundle, you also don't seem to need to share to Facebook for one of the codes (the first pack required FB sharing for Real Warfare 2). Oh, and you can get the first pack too. The second pack is £3.90 in GBP, $6.27 in USD, or €4.69.

Source: BundleStars

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