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Service Pack 2 Hotfixes Begin Rolling Out

Microsoft has released the first hotfix for SP2, even before it's long-awaited massive upgrade patch has fully been distributed to all users. The new hotfix is aimed at an IP address connection issue which surfaced shortly after SP2 had made it's debut.

Rob Enderle, principal analyst for technology analysis firm The Enderle Group, stated, "Writing software is a complicated endeavor done by humans, [and] we don't see SP2 as the be-all and end-all, that there will no longer be a need for future patches."

The new hotfix for SP2 patches a problem that the service pack created for some users of virtual private networks (VPN). Though the problem pertains to only a small amount of XP and SP2 users, Microsoft was quick to release the first of what is sure to be several more hotfixes.

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