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Silent Hill 4: Tiny clip of pure wrongness

Clocking in at 12 terrifying seconds, this clip will get you from here to scared in record time...

This tiny, and we mean tiny, clip of Konami's forthcoming chiller Silent Hill 4 is further proof, if proof were needed, of disturbing developments in the series. Weighing in at a less than mighty 12 seconds the footage is nevertheless properly disturbing.

Seemingly attending a party from hell we catch brief glimpses of a one-eyed hostess, a decayed buffet spread, a mangled corpse, some grainy footage of a small child and, well, some seemingly animated corpses being shuffled up and down the bloody walls of a Changing Rooms makeover from Hades. And what's the music all about?

Video: Silent Hill 4: The Room Clip

News source: gamesradar.com

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