Silverlight powered Bing 2.0 on its way this month?

That's the message coming out of yesterday's annual company meeting at Microsoft. Several Microsoft employees tweeted that Microsoft's improvements to Bing maps is "exciting" with one going as far as to claim "BING 2.0 terrific !! watch out guys ! bing + silverlight in maps = amazing !! goodbye google".

One Microsoft tweet-aholic claims that the company is set to release the update next week whilst others claim it will be ready at some stage in September. According to Mary Jo Foley, who spotted the twitter updates, company officials would neither confirm or deny the reports, claiming "we're very excited about some of the new Bing features set to roll out over the next few months, but have nothing to announce today". Mini-microsoft, an anonymous insider, confirmed the Bing 2.0 demo, claiming it was "map goodness"

Microsoft used the annual company meeting as a place to rally the troops and provide product demos to nearly 20,000 Microsoft staff members. Company officials also unveiled the first Windows 7 commercial at the event yesterday in downtown Seattle.

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