Some current Windows Phone devices to get Apollo?

A few days ago, the head of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, Terry Myerson, dodged questions from financial analysts when asked if the upcoming Windows Phone 8 (also known as Apollo) would be offered as a free update for current Windows Phone 7-based devices. Now there's word that Microsoft might offer Apollo on at least some current Windows Phone products.

The web site (via claims to have chatted with a Microsoft rep at this week's CeBIT computer trade show. The report claims that, according to the unnamed Microsoft rep, a number of current Windows Phone 7 products, including the Lumia phones made by Nokia, would "definitely" get the free update to Windows Phone 8. Older first generation Windows Phone that were first released in 2010 might also get the Apollo upgrade but they might not have all of its features.

If true, this is certainly good news for anyone who wants to purchase a current generation Windows Phone 7.5 device who might have been worried that they could be stuck with the current version of the OS. Windows Phone 8, which will share the same kernel as Microsoft's Windows 8, is rumored to be made available sometime before the end of 2012.

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