Some people can't differentiate between iPhone 5s and iPad mini

Apple announced two new iPhone models on Tuesday, the iPhone 5c with its plastic case, and the more powerful iPhone 5s with a fingerprint scanner. While both phones won't go on sale until Sept. 20, it appears that regular consumers can still be fooled just by being told an object that's handed to them on the street is the new iPhone 5s.

You may remember that in 2012, a segment on the late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live showed people who were just walking on Hollywood Boulevard were handed the iPhone 4s, but were told it was the new (at that time) iPhone 5. The clip was filled with people who said on camera that the device was faster, lighter, had a larger screen and more.

Well, Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to have some more fun with the public and posted a new video segment on Tuesday night. It had people on the street who were handed a technology gadget but were told that it was the new iPhone 5s. This time, the gadget was not the current iPhone 5 but the iPad mini. Yes, a 7.9-inch tablet with no native phone hardware was being presented to people on the street as the new iPhone 5s.

The result? The video clip is again filled with people who apparently have no electronic gadget skills whatsoever. One person actually said the "new iPhone 5s" was slimmer and lighter than the old iPhone 5 and another claims it was "a lot smaller" than the current model.

That's not all. One person who is given the "new iPhone 5s" in the video is told there is a new "click it and lick it" feature, which lets people click on the home screen button and then they can lick a button to taste different flavors. Yes, the person on camera claims she tasted the new flavors of the iPhone 5s.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

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