Some Pixel 4 XL users are reporting that its rear glass panel is popping off

Some Pixel 4XL owners have begun reporting an issue with their devices where the rear glass panel is starting to peel off or pop out of the frame. Reports began emerging earlier in January on Google’s support forums, with at least two users reporting the problem here and here. However, more posts on Reddit (via AndroidAuthority) have started popping up more recently, suggesting that the defect is possibly more widespread.

Most images of affected devices point to the issue resulting in the dislodging of the rear glass panel from the frame. Affected users claim to have never dropped the phone, ruling out physical damage. The comments hint at an issue with the adhesive wearing out leading to the panel no longer being held in the frame.

Image credit: Александр Трощенко (Google Forums)
Image credit: u/dinoniel (Reddit)

The Pixel 4XL was launched back in October 2019. This means that even for early adopters, the problems began emerging within three months. However, other Reddit posts suggest that most users began noticing the popped back six months after purchase. One of the responses from a repair technician suggests that the problem is a known one and is related to a faulty battery connector which causes the battery to swell and push the rear panel out of the frame. The technician suggested that users reach out to Google for a repair under warranty.

Google has not officially responded to these complaints yet. However, if the repair technician’s response suggesting that the search giant is aware of the issue are to be believed, the firm could risk being at the receiving end for lawsuits.

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