Son discovers deceased father's ghost car on 2002 Xbox game

For those of us who have lost love ones, we find comfort in keeping their prized possessions and belongings. These objects may bring back fond memories you shared with the deceased person. For one YouTuber, this came in the form of an Xbox rally game which belonged to deceased dad.

In a YouTube video which delves the idea of spiritual experiences in video games, user 00WARTHERAPY00 described a heartbreaking story about the time he spent playing Xbox with his father, who died when he was six. The user discovered his father’s ghost car, which was recorded when the player clocked the fastest time on Rallisport Challenge.

The comment went viral on Reddit, and resulted in hundreds of sympathetic condolences from users all around the world.

YouTuber Mark Riv was among one of the many users who were touched by the story. "I am going to make sure I tell my Dad I love him. I never took him for granted or anything, but I just think it is the right thing to do. Thanks for making a difference by sharing your story", he said.

00WARTHERAPY00 was truly surprised at the comment hitting viral status, saying it had "never happened before, and that "it was just a comment... nothing more".

Source: Yahoo! | Image via Imgur

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