Star Wars: Battlefront II update brings changes to progression and economy

The ability to purchase microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II was disabled just before the game's launch last month following the immense backlash that it suffered due to its pay-to-win nature. DICE has now pushed out a new update to the game that makes adjustments to its progression and economy systems, calling them "initial steps toward making much larger changes". The microtransactions remain disabled for now.

As per the announcement blog post, the amount of credits players earned at the end of each round has now been increased, with high scoring players especially set to receive greater rewards than before. The Arcade Mode's widely criticized daily credits cap has been increased as well, bumping it up to 1500 credits.

Lastly, the daily crates that players receive for just logging into the game will now include more crafting parts, with the developer saying "Crafting the Star Cards you want will help make sure you're progressing in the direction you want, and we absolutely want to empower that," and adding that "This should help you get where you want to go faster when it comes to crafting and upgrading."

Moreover, The Last Jedi themed free content will begin rolling out for the game in the next few weeks, bringing new heroes, maps, and vehicles.

Even with these changes, its highly unlikely that the negativity surrounding the game will dissipate anytime soon, mainly on account of EA planning to re-implement microtransactions to the game at a later date.

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