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Battlefield 2042 is getting an urban warfare map inspired by Arica Harbor and Karkand

DICE is showing no signs of stopping its support of Battlefield 2042. Season 7: Turning Point is right around the corner, and today’s announcement of the hefty content injection revealed a brand-new map, the return of a previously cut-out part of a map as a new arena, as well as new weapons and a gadget. Catch the gameplay trailer showing off the new features above.

Titled Haven, the fresh map is based in the Atacama Desert and features urban warfare-focused combat, all taking place in a town named El Alicanto. According to the developer, it had been inspired by hugely popular maps from previous Battlefield entries like Arica Harbor, Strike at Karkand, and Amiens. As the gameplay video highlights, the map is littered with buildings, with both intense infantry and vehicular combat being shown off.

Destruction also seems to be a major focus, something that has so far been toned-down in Battlefield 2042 maps.

Battlefield 2042

“Face the heat in the Atacama desert while battling door-to-door in combined arms suburban combat,” says DICE, describing the new map’s setting. “There’s no holding back in the mining town of El Alicanto, where elevated destruction can be your ally or your worst enemy.”

At the same time, DICE has another map coming in, but later in the season via an update. The updated Hourglass map was the final rework the studio delivered to the game, but it also cut out a part of the play area. The massive Stadium that was in a corner of the map was entirely missing in the reworked version. But now, it’s coming back. Stadium will now be a standalone map featuring infantry-only combat, possibly joining Redacted as another meat grinder.

The studio left behind 128-player maps for Battlefield 2042 a couple of seasons ago. This means the Season 7 maps should both be 64-player supporting maps like in previous Battlefield entries. A rework to how players see gun recoil animations is also included in the update.

Battlefield 2042

The start of the season will also see the debut of AK 5C assault rifle, the submachine gun SCZ-3, and the Predator SRAW guided missile launcher for infantry. Later in the season, DICE will bring in an actual stealth bomber for maps, XFAD-4 Draugr, as well as the new DFR Strife light machine-gun.

Battlefield 2042 Season 7: Turning Point launches March 19 for all players across all platforms. Those looking for a taste of Battlefield 2042 in its current state without having to open the wallet, there is good news. EA will be hosting free play events across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms from March 14 through March 24. Progress will carry over to the full game if you purchase it afterward too.

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