Stardock announces Galactic Civilizations III for 64-bit PCs

It's been a game that many Stardock fans have been waiting for and now the developer has officially announced plans to release Galactic Civilizations III. It will be the latest game in the popular turn-based space strategy series that first began with the original, made for the now defunct OS/2 operating system in 1993.

Stardock's press release states that GalCiv III will require a PC with a 64-bit operating system. Derek Paxton, vice president of Stardock Entertainment, stated:

The technology allows players to experience a level of graphical detail and on-screen activity unprecedented in large-scale strategy PC games. It dramatically increases the size and scope of the maps, and opens the door for modders to add a virtually unlimited amount of new content to the game.

While the vast majority of PC gamers that use Valve's Steam service run 64-bit operating systems on their rigs, few PC games have actually made the jump to become 64-bit exclusive.

As with the first two games in the series, GalCiv III puts the player in charge of a growing space empire and who has to expand its reach via technological, economic, political and military means. The new game will naturally have lots of graphical improvements, along with a new and and better ship builder and online multiplayer support.

Stardock is already taking pre-orders for GalCiv III on its official website. Paying $39.99 will give players access to the game's beta test while playing $99.99 offers both beta and alpha testing access, along with a lifetime subscription to any DLC and expansions, and a chance to name a star in the game. A release date for GalCiv III has yet to be revealed.

Disclaimer: Neowin's relationship to Stardock.

Source: Stardock

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