Stranger Things Skin Pack now available for Minecraft

Right as Netflix releases the second season of its highly popular series, Stranger Things, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to launch a Minecraft skin pack based on the show. The skin pack's new trailer is seen above, with various iconic scenes from the show recreated in the blocky world of Minecraft.

The skin pack comes along with 52 skins in total, featuring the likeness of major characters such as Eleven, Hopper, Mike, the Demogorgon, and even the unfortunately ever-forgotten Barb. However, the pack also includes characters from the show's newly released second season, so be wary of spoilers when browsing them.

All the characters that come with the DLC can be seen on Mojang's announcement page, and even with Minecraft's pixel graphics, the developer has done well to make the cast instantly recognizable.

The official Stranger Things Skin Pack is now available for 420 Coins via the marketplace on Bedrock Engine-based Minecraft versions. Meanwhile, on other editions such as the PlayStation 4 version, the skin pack costs $2.99.

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