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Sun's Looking Glass Provides 3D View

Recently Sun Microsystems released to its developers more code containing its 'Project Look Glass" technology. Project Looking Glass will offer users a 3D Desktop. Sun is hoping that this technology will give users a more exciting computing experience, and a good boost to its public image.

In order for this technology to succeed Sun needs to know what developers think of it. Without the support from other developers Project Looking Glass isn't going anywhere. So Sun has shipped early code of its latest project to developers. This is according to Craig Nicholas a technical support engineer at Sun. Apparently Project Looking Glass isn't an operating systems at all (despite earlier rumors); instead it's a 'skin' that nearly sits on top of an operating system states Craig Nicholas. Though only 3D applications will be able to take advantage of Project Looking Glass, Sun is working hard on an application that will automatically rewrite the window management code in order for it to run in a 3D environment.

Early screenshots and videos of Project Looking Glass look very promising, but it's unclear what Sun hopes to accomplish with it. A while ago Sun promised that it would open up its code to the open-source community, but in doing so what would Sun gain. The last time I checked Sun needed money.

Screenshot: >> Click here

Video: Project Looking Glass Demo

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