Sybase Releases Database for Apple's 'Panther' Server

Encouraged by Apple Computer Inc.'s introduction of a PowerPC G5-based server, Sybase Inc. on Tuesday announced here the availability of its Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.1 relational database for Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther" Server.

According to Darryl Salas, principal consultant with Sybase, Apple's new, powerful G5 Xserve and Mac OS X "Panther" Server software together provide the scalability and processing power that can support enterprise-grade applications for enterprise resource planning, heavy-duty transaction processing, and document- and content-management functions.

Xserve customers will be able to take advantage of Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.1 features including scalable logging, parallel recovery and index sampling as well as the means to establish temporary databases per application or per login. These features enable Adaptive Server to handle large data sets and high data volumes on all the computer platforms that it supports, according to Sybase officials.

The most important Panther enhancements for database processing are the support for asynchronous disk I/O and the increase of addressable memory from 2GB up to 4GB, Salas said. These features are essential for large scale transaction processing and make Mac OS X 10.3 Server "a superior alternative to the Microsoft Windows OS" in enterprise applications, Salas said.

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