Synology announces the DS216j NAS device

Not only has Synology been releasing a lot of new NAS models this year, such as the DS716+ that we reviewed last month, but they've also released a completely new product line, a router called the RT1900ac that we also reviewed. The company is still going full speed ahead, today announcing the DS216j, a two-bay entry-level NAS device aimed at consumers who want to stream multimedia and store files within their homes.

The DS216j runs the Marvell Armada 385 88F6820 dual-core 1.0GHz CPU and has 512MB DDR3 RAM, so the device obviously won't be winning any performance records. That said, the specs say that it provides an average of 112.75 MB/s reading and 97.6 MB/s writing, so it's no slouch for a general use product. Just realize you won't be transcoding any 4K movies using the DS216j.

The big selling point over last year's model is the improvement in performance with regard to full disk encryption. The DS216j promises read speeds of 42MB/s, which is over 40% faster than the DS215j, and 31 MB/s write speed, over 60% faster than the previous model. The price point is also easy on the checkbook, coming in at only $169. The DS216j is available world-wide today.

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