T-Mobile acquires 45% from the low-band spectrum auction for nearly $8 billion

For the past couple of years, T-Mobile has pushed past its rivals with its Un-carrier moves that have consistently allowed the company to grow and outperform its competitors. While the carrier has struggled in the past to acquire additional spectrum for its service, this year, it has made an impressive declaration by acquiring 45% of the low-band that was available.

If you're unfamiliar, every so often, the FCC holds an auction that allows network providers a chance to bid on spectrum for its service. While larger companies like AT&T and Verizon have previously cleaned house, it was the Un-carrier who pulled off a successful bid to the tune of $7.99 billion, that enabled them to purchase 31MHz nationwide.

T-Mobile's CEO, John Legere, has stated the firm will expand LTE coverage into new markets and strengthen its current offerings in locations that already have service. This new low-band spectrum will offer better building penetration and travel farther distances. Legere also stated that device manufacturers have been in the loop and will produce compatible handsets.

Source: T-Mobile

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