Numerous MacBook Pro owners report unexplained "popping" sound coming from their laptops

Almost six months after Apple unveiled its latest MacBook Pro laptops, a growing number of owners are reporting an unusual problem. On Apple's support site, and on various other forums, many of them have described a strange 'popping' sound coming from their notebooks, similar to the sound heard when you "slowly squeeze a plastic bottle".

The problem appears to affect the 15-inch MacBook Pro more than the 13-inch models, and while some describe the issue occurring at random, others say they've only encountered it when engaged in more intensive tasks, such as playing games or streaming videos.

9to5Mac reports that some speculation has focused on the possibility that plastic components or glue used in the device's construction are being affected by heat being generated by the laptop. One user said they were "able to constantly reproduce the sound by pressing right at the bottom of the screen assembly in the middle."

Another user, who said the popping sound was as loud "as a trackpad click", told Business Insider that it happens "multiple times a day. Notably when i open the laptop - usually after about 30ish seconds, but not every time. And then every 20-100 minutes after that.

Some users claimed that Apple had replaced parts of their MacBook Pros under warranty to try to fix the issue, without success. Others said that Apple had blamed the problem on a "dent" in the bottom casing of the device, requiring them to pay $130 for repairs, despite many users having described the same issue without such a dent present on their machines.

Whatever the issue, it's clearly annoying, but it doesn't appear to be a serious problem. Even so, those paying as much as $4,299 for the new MacBook Pro would obviously prefer to use it without such irritations.

Source: 9to5Mac

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