TDK to launch 90 min recordable discs

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TDK is the first mainstream brand to support heavy data users with the launch of 90 minute recordable discs.

TDK Recording Media Europe today unveiled its 90 minute High Capacity Recordable Disc, the next generation write-once CD, capable of storing 800 megabytes of data. Manufactured in TDK's high-tech facilities in Europe this new disc uses a reduced track pitch to extend the amount of data it can hold.

By reducing track pitch and thereby effectively increasing track length, heavy data users can now extend recordings by up to ten minutes or 100 megabytes. Despite its extended length, this new High Capacity Disc still maintains a high-degree of compatibility with playback devices by retaining the 'lead-in' and 'lead-out' information required by a CD player to recognise discs.

A modern CD Writer and software with over-burning capabilities is required to recognise the extended length of TDK's new High Capacity Disc. Most CD writing software such as Ahead's Nero Burning ROM (bundled with TDK's CyClone CD Writers) now supports 'overburning'.

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