Teams will soon let users spotlight up to 7 users, translate PowerPoint slideshows

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Last September, Microsoft began rolling out a new Teams feature called Spotlight, which allowed a meeting organizer to pin a specific participant's video feed for everyone in the meeting, keeping it on the screen for everyone. This can make it easier to present content, since everyone on the meeting will have to be looking at the pinned video.

Soon, it will be easier to present in groups, according to a new item added to the Microsoft 365 roadmap. Planned for April, Teams is getting the ability to pin up to seven participants' video feeds in a meeting at the same time, so all of them will be promoted for every participant. The most obvious use case for this is a group presentation, for example, as part of a school project. This way, teachers can highlight a specific group of students at a time to allow them to present uninterrupted.

That's not all that's making its way to Teams though. Soon, PowerPoint on the web will be able to present directly to a Teams meeting. You may remember that PowerPoint Live was made generally available last summer, and you could always share live presentation through Teams, but this option will make it easier to directly share a PowerPoint Live slideshow in a Teams meeting.

In addition to that, another new item on the roadmap shows that Teams will be able to translate PowerPoint Live presentations. The description for this feature reads "Translate the slide show content privately in a Teams meeting with PowerPoint Live", which seems to suggest each individual user in a meeting can translate the contents of a presentation to their own language, which could be a huge benefit for multi-lingual meetings.

These features are currently in development and planned for April, though, the translation feature says it's slated for March. Seeing as that would make the translation feature for slideshows available before the slideshows themselves, this might just be a mistake on the roadmap.

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