Teen says Game Inspired Crime Spree

I was busy playing a nice game of GTA 3 when I had the urge to leap from my chair, head out to my car and then proceed to turn as many innocent civilians as I could into road kill. Well...ok, I did not, but this article does prompt the controversial question. Do video games encourage acts of crime and violence?

Thanks to nekrosoft13 for pointing us towards this article.

Nineteen-year-old Micah Zoerner of Somers, Wisconsin is charged with numerous counts of theft, burglary and auto theft. He's being held in lieu of a 15-thousand dollar cash bond. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for November 20th. He was arrested Friday when officers in the village of Pleasant Prairie spotted him breaking into vehicles parked at a local apartment complex. When he was arrested, Zoerner had a vehicle that was reported stolen a week earlier from the same complex. Detectives say he told them he'd been inspired by the video game "Grand Theft Auto."

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