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Ten Hours Into Twilight Princess - IGN Preview

Wii.IGN has a nice in depth preview of the upcoming mega smash hit The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  In the preview, there are spoilers so make sure you keep that in mind. The preview is 6 pages long and has several screenshots as well. Here is a small portion of the preview to wet your brow!

Twilight Princess may have started as a GameCube title, but it finished a Wii one. There remains this faction of gamers that refuses to accept the possibility. You know who you are. You continue to argue that because the controls were originally designed for the GameCube pad there is no hope for the Wii build. You say that your arms will get tired using the Wii remote. You speak of mirrored worlds and right-handed Link. And you know what? It's all crap. If you have the means to buy Twilight Princess for Wii and you still get it for GameCube, you are a fool. And I state that without meaning to suggest that the GCN iteration is flawed - it isn't. It's an amazing swan song for Nintendo's older system, so if you've got no other option you're still golden. But that said, it's not as good as the Wii incarnation. In fact, were it up to me and not Nintendo (and in my dreams, it is), I'd have scrapped the GCN build altogether, forcing everyone to exclusively buy the Wii version. Honestly, Nintendo gave you five good years with GameCube; it's time to move on.

Twilight Princess features a huge, sprawling world - one of the biggest I've seen in any adventure game, and I've only witnessed portions of the universe so far. Link rides from Ordon Ranch through to the Village, takes a path into Faron Woods, which are immense, and eventually makes his way to the Forest Temple. The dungeon stretches into every direction on multiple levels, is drenched in monkeys (one of whom slaps his bloated rear end), and is sure to last most players a couple of hours the first time through. Nintendo representatives have stated that Hyrule Field is at least five times larger than the one in Ocarina of Time and based on the sections of it I've seen, I'm inclined to agree. I think, in fact, that it could be larger still. And this says nothing of the many other areas I've explored, but am not yet allowed to write about, including other villages and entire provinces. You could conceivably spend five or more hours messing around in Ordon Village the first day you play the game, and that represents about one percent of the adventure, as far as I can tell.

Head on over to Wii.IGN to check out the full preview, with screenshots. But remember, again there are spoilers in the preview.

Link: Wii.IGN Twilight Princess Big Preview

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