The best hidden Gboard features that you must know about

Gboard is one of the most popular keyboards for Android devices right there and rightfully so because of the sheer number of innovative features it packs. The keyboard is also a perfect example of how virtual keyboards for today's smartphones are more than just a keyboard with the amount of functionality they pack.

If you have been using Gboard only for typing out messages and emails so far, you have been using it wrong then. You can use the keyboard for quick Google search, translations, adding GIFs, and do so much more. Below is a look at some useful Gboard features that you might not know about and which will help improve your overall typing experience.

If you use SwiftKey, you can read about some of its hidden features here.

Custom mini stickers

Forget emoji and GIFs. You can create custom "minis" stickers based on you in Gboard as well. Simply tap the sticker button in Gboard's toolbar, scroll to the right in the toolbar and tap on the cog (Settings) button. Then go to the Browse tab and select the option to create your custom "minis" in the banner at the top. You will then have to click a selfie and then wait for a few seconds for Gboard to create the custom mini stickers.

Quickly add punctuations

You can quickly add punctuations other than a comma or full stop by simply long pressing on the full stop button. A list of the most common punctuations will then pop up and you can slide your finger to select the one you want to use.

Switch to one-handed layout

The displays on Android smartphones are getting taller and wider which makes one-handed typing on them a frustrating experience. Gboard does come with a one-handed layout that you can use in such situations though. You can easily activate one-handed mode in Gboard by long-pressing the "," button and then dragging your finger to the second icon you see. Once activated, you have the option of moving the keyboard to the left or right edge of the display as per your requirement.

Delete words using a gesture

Want to quickly delete a word or a sentence that you just typed? No need to repeatedly press the backspace button. Instead, you can just swipe to the left from the backspace button to select the text you want to delete. The longer you swipe, the more words will get selected and they will be automatically deleted once you lift your finger from the display.

In case you change your mind and want to keep the sentence or word you just deleted, Gboard will automatically show you the deleted word or sentence as a suggestion.

Translate text easily

With Google Translate integration in Gboard, you can easily translate text on the fly without having to leave the current chat window or text compose window. Simply tap the Google Translate icon in the Gboard toolbar and proceed to enter the word or sentence that you want to convert. Gboard can automatically detect the language that you are entering and convert it into a language you want, though you can select the input language manually as well.

Use the keyboard as a trackpad

You can use Gboard as a trackpad as well to quickly move the cursor where you want while formatting or editing text. On iPhone, you need to long-press on the spacebar and then drag your finger around to move the cursor. Gboard has a similar implementation as well. Simply long-press on the spacebar and then drag your finger around to turn the keyboard into a virtual trackpad and move the cursor around easily.

Add fractions easily

Want to quickly add a fraction? Simply long-press on the number and Gboard will show a list of common fractions that you can add easily.

What are some of your favorite Gboard tips and tricks? Drop a comment and let us know!

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