The next Windows 10 Bug Bash will kick off on February 2 [Update]

During the company's monthly Windows Insider webcast today, Microsoft announced that it will be kicking off the next Windows 10 Bug Bash on Tuesday, February 2. The team didn't say when it will end, but these things typically last about 10 days.

While the Bug Bash is going on, Insiders will have the opportunity to complete Quests from within the Feedback Hub and file feedback, and there will be additional webcasts on Microsoft's Mixer streaming service. The event will focus on the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, which are previews for the next feature update to the OS codenamed Redstone 4. Microsoft still hasn't announced the update's name.

Presumably, the Bug Bash will start at midnight Pacific Time. On February 6 at 10 am, the team will hold the first Mixer webcast.

The point of a Bug Bash is to, you guessed it, bash bugs in the OS, and this is your chance to help with that process. Submitting issues through the Feedback Hub sends Microsoft information about your PC, and hopefully, that metadata will show what led up to the problem. This is why the company will create various Quests for Insiders to try.

Microsoft should have more details about the Bug Bash between now and when it actually starts.

Update: An earlier version of this article indicated that the Bug Bash will start on February 6. It will begin on February 2 and end on the 11th, with the Mixer webcast on the 6th.

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