The official 'Tom Clancy's The Division' beta is live on Xbox One, runs at 1080p

Ubisoft's upcoming 'The Division' has been a long-awaited shooter that has experienced numerous delays since its first unveiling at E3 2013. Lately, a slew of information has been coming out regarding this seemingly-open world shooter, including Microsoft confirming an Xbox One bundle that includes the new Tom Clancy title. What's better is that interested parties can play the official beta which is finally live on Xbox One.

The Division is a third person shooter that ties in RPG elements into its third-person-shooter mix. Like Destiny, you'll work with a small squad of players to explore a wrecked New York City region and fight to survive against both computer and human players to gain control of special assets that are required to thrive in the game's chaotic setting. The emergence of more open shooters has been intriguing, but The Division has been receiving a lot of attention for its deeper gameplay and its gorgeous graphics.

Speaking of graphics, it has been said that The Division is running at 1080p during the beta test period. That bit of news came from Gamingbolt, who ran some diagnostics on the Xbox One beta after it went live earlier today. This is unexpected news because it was assumed that The Division would run at 900p on the Xbox One after seeing some demos that were playable in 2015. While pushing the resolution to 1080p sounds great, it's not a lock given that there is a lot of post-beta work to be done to try and smooth out performance.

The beta for Xbox One runs from 1/28 until 1/31. Playstation 4 and PC players that signed up for the closed beta will have a chance to play around with their betas starting tomorrow and will end on the 31st of January as well. The Division is set to launch on March 8, 2016.

via Gamingbolt

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