The Revolutionary Brothers

Don't think this is worthy of front page news? Oh well, please bear with me while this Matrix nut just goes with the pre Revolutions build up...

They may be famously untalkative, but Larry and Andy Wachowski sure know how to generate a lot of noise. With the November 5 release of The Matrix Revolutions, the final film in the epic trilogy, the media hype is once again deafening. The movies have transformed the brothers from small-time carpenters to fabulously wealthy and powerful Hollywood players. What hasn't changed is their reticence. If anything, the Wachowski brothers have become more reclusive since the first Matrix came out in 1999. They haven't given an interview in four years, and under an unusual deal with Warner Bros., they never have to talk to the press.

To be fair its a bloomin' good article, packed with info on the Wachowski brothers. I for one never knew that they wrote a certain duff Stallone film. Or that an chubby old Waterworld actor was considered for the pivotal role!

Well worth a read Matrix fans.

News source: Wired

View: Matrix Revelations

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