This Chrome extension lets you link directly to specific text on a webpage

Google has released Link to Text Fragment, a new extension, that lets users generate URLs to a specific text on a webpage, irrespective of the page's formatting. After the extension has been installed, highlight that text that you want to link to, simply right-click, and select "Copy Link to Selected Text." If the process succeeds, the selected text will briefly be highlighted in yellow. Anyone having a compatible browser can open and share this link.

This extension builds upon Text Fragments, a feature that was recently added to Chromium. It works by appending extra information to a URL after a # and is the same technology that the Mountain View firm uses to highlight featured snippet text within webpages. However, this process can be a bit difficult, especially when users are linking to longer sections of text or complex pages. This extension makes the creation process convenient.

The extension-created links are compatible with version 80 upwards of all Chromium-based browsers, but all browsers haven't adapted yet. As of yesterday, Google's blog post notes that Firefox and Safari had not stated whether or not they'd implement this feature.

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