Three more classics join PC Gamer Presents range

Conflict Desert Storm II, Champ Manager 01/02 and Mutant Storm for under a tenner each.

Next Friday (11 June) marks the release of the third instalment of titles in the PC Gamer Presents range, which brings you games that have scored 80% or over in the highly regarded magazine for just £9.99. This time round you'll be able to get your mitts on Conflict Desert Storm II, Championship Manager 01/02 and Mutant Storm. Conflict Desert Storm II, which scored 81%, sees players enter the theatre of war with an elite unit during the Gulf War. Boasting an authentic feel, the gameplay has stealth demands as well as usual tasty trigger-finger requirements.

Championship Manager 01/02, coming from the series that marks the pinnacle of its genre, puts you in the hot seat in the role of managing a football team. Running the club is down to you and that includes not just what happens on the pitch but off it too. The game scored 85% when originally reviewed and will provide endless hours of gaming. Finally, Mutant Storm - which scored a whomping 90% - is an old school blaster and has previously only been available as a download. Now you can buy a hard copy of the game that PC Gamer considers "arcade genius that you simply have to play again and again and again and again." 'Nuff said.

All three games will be released on 11 June at £9.99 each

News source: GamesRadar

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