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Three more torrent sites disappear from the UK radar

Torrent sites are all having a rather difficult time recently. With the sudden closure of Demonoid back in mid-2012, people have turned to other sites for the same content fix. Now three more of the big sites are gone, at least in the United Kingdom.

Kat.ph, H33T and Fenopy are all gone, and cannot be accessed in any normal fashion. The error message produced when navigating to the sites is the same as that of The Pirate Bay. Even being creative and using Kat.ph's secondary URL won't work.

It would appear the three sites went down on March 21, and having confirmed it with a few friends the issue is not confined to BT alone. Traffic to any of them seems to be blocked entirely, after trying to ping them through Command Prompt.

Services like Is It Down Right Now? all suggest that the three sites are available elsewhere in the world, just not in the UK. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the sites went down; at the end of February courts had decided their fate. The reasoning should come as no surprise, with the BPI (the UK's equivalent to the American RIAA) going on record to say this would benefit the legal digital industry and new talents. Confusingly, information from the BBC suggests that piracy was declining with services like Spotify on the rise.

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